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As parents we look at our children and want them to succeed. Failure, although we know it is going to happen, is not what we what to see our child go through. The reality is that there will be more failure than success in sports. It is a simple fact. No one has ever won every game of their career, scored on every single shot that they have taken or have won every championship of every year that they have played. For those that say, sure, if you played one season, or shot one time or played only one game....But the reality is that the longer sports are played, the more failure occurs. But Effort? That is a different story. Teach your children that effort is everything. Your son or daughter may be talented, but do they have the work ethic. As a younger athlete, work ethic may simply be hustling all of the time and being a good teammate. Both of which are pillars to success as they get older. And attitude? How often do you year in the stands, oh...he/she has a bad attitude, but they will grow out of it. It's only because they care so much about competing and winning. So I disagree...Effort is controlled by the individual, by how the parents discuss work ethic and what it means long term, not to be entitled because you may be better than others right now in your young career. And Attitude, sure, yell at the umpire or referees, show aggressive emotion, see how far that gets you when the same type of player comes along like you however they have an excellent attitude, competitive yet respectful of others and the game. What then, will it be their fault, your parents fault, the coaches fault? No, it will be the athlete's fault for not realizing the game is bigger than the athlete. Effort...put out the effort. Attitude...have a great attitude, enjoy the competition, enjoy the success and learn from your failures with dignity. The only one that can do it is the athlete.

At Youth Prep Sports, we built this platform so that athletes could display their skills that they worked hard to develop. Capture those memories on amazing videos for parents and friends to enjoy. It also serves as a benchmark of where the athlete was at this point in time. As they get older, the videos and workouts get better, more intense....or....the athlete simply enjoys the competition of the game and will not look to play past middle school or high school. That is ok too....the memories were captured for everyone to go back and to enjoy.

Whatever road your son or daughter takes in sports and competition, remember, it will go fast. Youth Prep Sports has set up a platform that allows parents to enjoy another way to watch their son or daughter compete and train. It is also captured on video which will last a lifetime. Enjoy this time and we hope to see you at our next event. Be sure to visit the site and become a member for free!

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